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  • Only tote of its size with adjustable straps and a less structured shape

  • A large bag with a lot of depth; not called a “bucket” for nothing!

  • Dual carry option includes shoulder straps and convenient and comfortable handles to grab and go

  • Great organizational pockets include interior and exterior pockets for cell phone and keys

  • Will fit a few laptops including accessories

  • Adjustable shoulder straps for most heights.  Not meant for crossbody carry

  • Soft, tumbled full grain leather (aka super durable leather); Tobacco color isn’t tumbled

  • Tobacco color will be stiffer than the other colors, but will break in over time

  • Interior lined with premium Pigskin to easily wipe clean, features lightest pigskin to see interior clearly

  • Nickel hardware

  • 41 Year warranty

  • Made in Old Mexico

  • We give 100% of our profits to educating, job training and feeding the poor in Africa and beyond.

Dimensions (approximate):

  • Exterior: 15 ½”  - 9 ¼” W (top to bottom) x 15 ¾” H x 7” D

    • Large Exterior pocket: 10 1/4" L x 9 1/4" W x 15 3/4" D

  • Interior: 9 ¼” W x 14 ¾” H x 6 ½” D

    • Cell phone pocket: 3” W x 4 ½” L

    • Pocket with closure: 8" W x 5 ½” L

  • Strap (adjustable): 31” - 41 ½” L x 1 ¼” W

  • 2 pounds

This was the first bag I ever designed for Love 41 and I’m still proud of it!  The bag was inspired when I was on a shopping trip in Mexico.  As I was looking through a lot of really bad hand-bags, I found one that sparked my interest and inspired me.  I took it home and began to re-make it from my perspective.  The more I adjusted and lengthened and fixed it, the more it began to remind me of a bucket because of it’s shape.

I love that this has adjustable straps.  It’s the only tote bag of it’s size that has that feature.  The pockets are essential and keep life a little more organized inside this large of a bag. I love the handles too (borrowed from the Saddleback women’s tote I designed) because it’s essential to quickly grab a bag & go without having to struggle with long straps.  The handles are padded and very comfortable to hold, even when the bag is carrying a lot of weight. 

How do I wear this bag?  This is my daily casual bag when I’m going from the office, around town on errands and have a lot to carry.  I usually put my laptop, ipad, cosmetic bag, lana wallet, cell phone, keys and sunglasses but not usually all at once.  I like to use this bag when I have a good amount to carry as it’s very comfortable to wear for long distances or an extended amount of time. As always, the purchase of this bag helps love others in need through education, food, shelter & job training.


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Best purchase

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First, I adore Love 41. Every time I acquire a new bag, I'm amazed at how much sense the design makes and how well made the bags are. This bag is no exception. It's beautifully designed. I can fit books, or even my laptop if needed. The new fabulous red clutch fits perfectly in the outside pocket for ease of grabbing that if I just need to run in the store. The inside pocket is great for keeping smaller things handy and I love having the phone pocket. I would like to see a strap like one of the other purses to hook keys to keep keys available even more easily. Even though this bag is deep, I find it easy to find things in the purse still.

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Exceeds my expectations

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This is without a doubt my favorite product I've purchased from SB/Love 41. The DCB color is rich and the leather is luxurious and soft. It is so beautiful and functional I don't have words to describe. The inside pocket is where I keep my keys because there is no key holder inside this very deep bag. On days when I have after work functions/errands, I tuck the strap inside the bag and carry by the handles. Its nice to have a bag that holds my SB big leather wallet. I layer my bag: wallet on the bottom; large moleskine holder; papers to grade; pouch with miscellaneous stuff; lunch/water; and my Iphone 6plus inside the red handle clutch purse. I love the straps because sometimes I have to carry a lot home or its raining and I need both hands. Thank you for this gorgeous bag.

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Perfect Mom/Business Bag!

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I have the bucket bag in chestnut and fell in love with the touch and feel of the soft-but-not-floppy leather immediately! It is a large enough tote that I can carry a 15" laptop, my planner, as well as my phone and cosmetic bag when I'm off to do some work. As a mom bag, the front pocket always carries my children's wallets, there is an inner pocket for gum, pens and items to access easily, and I have enough room for water bottles, sweaters, extra snacks and fragile items on top. It sits squarely on the floor and does not tip, and I love the handles! The straps are super comfortable and the bag never feels too heavy. It's my everyday bag, perfect size for this mama who needs to carry more vs less on most days! Thank you Love41!

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Bought the coffee bag back during the holidays. My only problem was I didn't care for the way it didn't close completely when loaded with all my stuff. Solved that problem by adding a heavy duty snap on both sides of the handle-voila! PERFECTION! I loved it soo much, I then purchased another one in the tobacco color. Added snaps to that too and now have 2 bags I'm in love with and plan to use until the day I die! And now feel completely safe that the only hands going into my bags will be mine, THANXXXXX!

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Loving the bucket - here's why!

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This was my first purchase from SBL/L41. I have since ordered three more times! This bag I liked right out of the box. But I don't think I fully appreciated it until a few weeks out. First, I ordered it in the dark coffee brown. Pictures do not do justice to this color. It's really quite lovely. I have other items in tobacco (which I love for reasons of their own). The softness of this leather is really nice. It's not floppy but not rigid and unbending either. I know with time it will soften and probably get floppier and that's okay too. Really nice hand feel to it. The interior is light pigskin which is great because you can wipe it out easily. Easy to see items as it is a bucket!

This was my only concern. That it is bucket shaped. I typically get "east-west" bags so I can find stuff in them. If I had tons of tiny unsecured items in this, it might be a problem. But I have other bags for that. This is my go to for a day out getting a lot done rather than just a quick trip to the store.

What I really love is that those larger items I take along such as the Lana wallet and the cosmetic bag, fit SIDE BY SIDE at the very bottom. That's the beauty of this. The depth at the bottom allows larger items to go in and not take up all the upper space. Today will be a busy day taking and picking up one child from band camp, taking another the the doctor an hour away from where we live. While waiting, I can and am bringing along work related items that include a clipboard, files and tablet device. In the exterior pocket I have a couple of magazines and a newspaper in the hopeful event I finish work items and can have some leisurely reading material. Easily could bring a kindle or e-reader which I may throw in. Would fit the outside pocket or throw it inside. Either way, there's room. Will still likely have interior room left as well.

The interior pocket is spacious and will carry smaller items such as gum packet, lip balm (I use the bulky round EOS), and keys. I like the toggle close for this. I can close it and cinch it or let it flop. It's really easy to use once you try it a few times though.

Here's the thing - this bag is better the more you fill it! Stays upright easily. And you can find stuff which was surprising to me.

I LOVE the handles. I grab it by the built in handles all the time. Wish every bag I have had that in it. Incredibly comfortable as well.

I use this as a shoulder bag rather than cross body. The straps stay on my shoulder which is unusual in a double strap for me. I typically avoid that feature, but has not been an issue at all. I am about 5'8" and on the last or second to last (shortest) buckle setting for a shoulder bag. It is a long bag. But it works well on me as I have a very long torso for my height. And I find at this setting, I can flop one handle to the side, put my hand in it and reach the bottom to grab stuff easily. Makes the "bucket" bottom very easy to reach. Even while still on my shoulder.

This is one I find I am using more and more often. It's a beast in that you can carry half the house in it. But it looks nice and feels wonderful. Very glad to have this in my lineup and am becoming increasingly appreciative of it's function.

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Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!!!!!!!

by - verified purchaser |
OK. Well, I LOVE this bag. The straps are substantial. The leather is heavenly. I got it in tobacco and it is GORGEOUS! Looks amazing, smells amazing and holds so much stuff. Within the first few days I had several compliments on my bag. I love sharing the Love41 mission. It might be helpful for you to know what I keep in MY bag so you can decide if this is the bag for you. I have a leather bound notepad, my wallet and checkbook, a leather makeup bag that holds my epi-pen and other meds and makeup. I have three eyeglass cases in there. (One for regular specs, one for sunglasses and one with my contact stuff in it). I usually have a couple magazines with me. This bag will hold paperwork, standing up....full sheets...without having to fold the papers, because it is a deep bag. I also have my keys hooked to the buckle that I let hang on the inside of the bag. I keep pens, a mechanical pencil and two tubes of lipstick in the inside pouch. My cell phone fits great in the inside phone pocket. I have a folded newspaper in the outside pocket. The outside pocket is nice and wide and deep. Plenty of room for more stuff, but I have what I normally carry in there. I am 5'5" tall and I am a larger girl (size 20W). This bucket bag fits my proportions really well. I didn't adjust the straps and am using it exactly as it was shipped to me. Can't wear it crossbody, but that is not what I wanted anyway. By the way, the packaging was very nice. I waited a long time to get this bag. I must have visited the website a dozen times looking at all the info and watching Suzette's videos, every single video, so that I purchased just the right one. I don't know why I waited. This is the IT bag for me!!!

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Great work bag

by - verified purchaser |
I have the Bucket Bag in Chesnut, a deep rich color. The leather is soft and feels good to the hand. The shoulder straps stay put comfortably, this bag is not too heavy but you do know your carrying it. I have this bag loaded up with my Lana wallet, makeup, medicine and assorted other daily needs. I like the depth of the bag as I can easily toss my knitting project right on top of all the other things for easy access!! I receive many compliments and am very much enjoying it.

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In Luuuurrrrvvvveeee Much?

by - verified purchaser |
I received my early Xmas Pressies last night and was uber excited opening up the boxes. I got the Tobacco Bucket Bag, and was even more surprised than I was expecting. Its so beautiful. A lot softer and supple than I thought it would be, and as informed by the customer service team it does weigh approximately 2lbs, so really light. I was a little worried about the size of the bag and length straps as I'm quite petit (5.1''), but at the shortest strap length it fits perfectly as a tote, and the bag overall doesn't swamp me. Love that you can hand carry it conformably if its too heavy on your shoulders. The mobile phone pocket fits my iPhone 5S, even with its bulky charging case on it, with extra finger space around it. I love the closable internal pocket too. My Saddleback Long Trifold wallet (my other xmas pressie) doesn't fit in there, but wondering if it will stretch to fit over time, otherwise I can put in other items I need to keep secure. With the bag being quite deep, I'm quite confident that having my wallet at the bottom of the bag will be quite secure. Im in love with this bag

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Perfect in every way

by - verified purchaser |
I bought this bag in the chestnut. I love everything about it. The leather is butter soft, the straps are wide which eases the burden on my shoulders. I find that I cannot realistically wear this bag crossbody, but others may be able to. The pigskin lining is light colored so you can find things in the deep bag, and smooth the the touch. The cell phone pocket is too small for today's smartphones, but I find it works perfectly for my sunglasses. I use the outer slip pocket for my phone. My favorite feature is the handles. They are perfect for grabbing and going. The square bottom keeps the bag upright when placed on the floor. In short, this is a great bag.

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