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Purchase with a Purpose

Here at Love 41 we’re all about giving, we give 100% of our profit away. Love 41's values are people and quality.

Who We Impact!
  • Orphans
  • Widows
  • Single Mothers
  • Homeless

How We Impact!
  • Education
  • Job training
  • Food & Shelter
  • Gospel

Tera Fain Visiting her sponsored boy Dieudonne who is now #1 in his class

Love Through Sponsorship

Loving truly means loving beyond yourself, beyond limits, belief and reason. That's why Love 41 is proud to sponsor Africa New Life Ministries. 100% of the profits from Love 41 goes directly to help improve the lives of orphans, widows and street kids in Rwanda and beyond by providing food, clothing, education and a safe community to those who need it most.

But, if you're like me you know you can do more and you feel the call to do so. It's easy to forget how privileged we are when we don't encounter the reality of true poverty each and every day. But it's also easy to forget how simple and rewarding it is to completely change someone's world for the better.

Sponsor a Child to Save a Life

For $39 a month, you can sponsor a child through Africa New Life Ministries and give someone who has lost the opportunity to be educated the gift of a new beginning. For many of us, $39 a month is the price of a cup of coffee a day, an impulse buy or a night out. But by cutting back a little in your life, you can completely transform someone else's.

Your $39 a month contribution provides:
  • School Fees
  • Scholastic materials
  • One Uniform/Year
  • Center days
  • Camp
  • Medical Assistance

The annual camps are for both boys and girls and vary in length due to the age of the student. Weekly lunches are only provided at schools managed by Africa New Life and then also for students in the Dream Kids tutoring program. Since the majority of our students don’t attend schools we manage, we therefore don’t advertise this benefit that some students do receive. The funding for these lunches also comes through our Food Is program, and not through sponsorship support.

You can also send letters and packages to your sponsored child that they'll cherish. Your relationship with your sponsored child is more than that of a charitable benefactor. Family and relationships are the most important things in Rwandan culture. Your child will prize photos you send like gold - proof that someone in the world loves them.

Sponsor a Child Through Africa New Life Ministries
Learn More About Africa New Life Ministries

Suzette's Special Cases

Sometimes Africa New Life Ministries has special cases that they send our way. These are the kids who need the most help, such as an orphan, handicapped child, an older child or a child whose sponsor had to discontinue support. These cases usually require more attention and communication or more financial help for the child like clothes, a mattress, bed, bedding or other items which can be purchased at the online store.

Special Case Sponsorship pricing rages from $39-$120 a month depending on the individual situation. University students are $300/mo.

If you would like additional information or are interested in sponsoring one of Suzette's Special Cases, please email